About VGS

Our Family owned company has been in business for over 20 years. Today we are one of the leading manufactures of full-acrylic LED Lighting Systems.

Our manufacturing facility in Dresden features  State-ofthe-art equipment and employes over 30 people. Customer orders are fulfilled efficiently, quickly and at the highest quality standards. Our entirly in-house production chain allows us to guarantee timely delivery. 

Why VGS?

Put your trust in a leading manufacturer. Our Produkts are known for their uniform illumination and highest quality. Decades of experience with full acrylic and LED technology have given us the know-how and ability to keep our production completely in-house. We feature the „Made in Germany“ label. 

VGS Geschäftsführer in der Produktionshalle

Georg Sauer and René Roch, Managing Directors

Our equipment

  • individual packaging for our products
  • transport racks to prevent damage
  • precise substructures for simplified assembly of the products
  • custom painted substructures in individual colors


VGS is an official member of the European Sign Federation, International Sign Association and Lichtwerber Deutschland