Yacht Lighting

Show off your Yacht in the best possible light with MaxxLuxx. As one of the worlds most experienced manufactures in the field, we produce high quality LED Lightingsystems, using serveral million LED’s and over 90 tonnes of Acrylicglas per year. MaxxLuxx is suitable for on board electrical systems of all voltages. 


customized Lighting Components

Formlight-Elements are used for indirect ceiling lighting, recessed into furniture and any contoured surfaces. Like all of our products, Formlight provides pleasant, uniform lighting. FormLight elements are custom fit for use in virtually any situation, both interior and exterior. FormLight is available in all RGBW colours and nearly any shape. The elements are waterproof and extremly durable and can be walked on as well as integrated into wood flooring. 



unique, elegant and safe

Make your stairways unique, elegant and safe with Stairlight. Whether you’re aiming for a sensational design or practical indicator lighting, infinite shapes and effects are available. Other applications include cockpitlighting, effect lighting and safety signage. 


homogeneous illuminated areas

Illuminate interior areas with roomlightpanels that offer complete, uniform lighting. This allows enternainment lighting in the areas you choose. Create a cozy atmosphere, aczents and make your own lighting ideas reality. Roomlight can be combined with numerous Smartcontrol technologies. 


Illumination and Design with MaxxLuxx Surface lighting system

The MaxxLuxx AllLight Productline offers elements up to 2000×3000 mm. Much larger sizes are possible in wall and ceiling paneling. The optical and technical parameters are yours to decide to achive your desired end result.